10 Workout Songs that Will Improve the Way You’ve Been Exercising

The hardest part of surviving through an aggressive workout session is finding motivation. Instead of exercising your whole mind will be focused on how hard the workout is or just wondering when it is all going to end. Listening to music is one of the most efficient ways to find motivation, regardless of how boring, long or hard your workouts are. Apart from elevating your mood, it makes you less aware of your efforts.

If you’re looking for songs that will energize you when exercising, here are ten songs you must add to your workout playlist.

1. Shake your body by Michael Jackson

Listening to any MJ’s songs will keep you moving no matter how hard you are trying to resist it and Shake Your Body is not different. This song encourages you to continue regardless of how exhausted you feel.

2. Iron Man by Black Sabbath

If you are into bodybuilding, you’ll need a song that will make you increase the weight as well as reps. Just as the name suggest, Iron Man song will make you forget how heavy your weights are.

3. Push it song by Salt-N-Pepa

If you were bone in the 80’s, it is likely you’ve danced to this song at least once in your life. One fact is, it is almost impossible to listen to the song and just stand or sit there doing nothing. Push It is one of the perfect songs for aerobics simply because it will encourage you to keep moving.

4. Going To Make You Sweat by C+C Music Factory

When in a gym, you will get bored faster if you are always left behind. Just as the name states, this song will encourage you to exercise until you see some sweat. It tells you that you haven’t done enough yet until your sweatshirt gets wet.

5. Time for Some Action song by Redman

Mike Tyson claimed this was the song that helped him find motivation when he was entering the ring for the first time. The song combines the mad lyrics and booming beats that will encourage you to conquer exhaustion when exercising.

6. Walk by Pantera

When struggling to reach your fitness goals, it can be hard to cope with things that aim to discourage you. The walk is one of the songs that will make everything seem easier whether it is going through walls or doing what you’ve never done before.

7. Time Like These, song by Foo Fighters

Exercising for longer hours can be a task when all you think about is what happened before you got into the gym or what is going to happen. Time like These song makes it easy for you to get rid of stressing thoughts and improves your focus when exercising. I love listening to this song with home exercise. Here’s the link to bikini body workouts review.

8. Body moving by the Beastie Boys

Just like push it, Beastie Boys’ Body moving song is one of the best songs for aerobics. Initially created for commercial purposes, the song features highly-motivational instrumentals and motivating lyrics to keep you moving.

9. Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Most of the time, you get into a gym with the intention of exercising harder than before, but end up quitting in the middle. This song will always remind you that you need to work harder than others. You need to do more reps, lift heavier weights and exercise longer.

10. Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J

We all know LL Cool J for his highly-impacting voice, powerful beats and motivating lyrics. Mama Said Knock You Out song is not an exception. This song will encourage you to get off your mat and reclaim your power and make you aggressive throughout your workout sessions.

It is no secret that exercising is hard and can be demotivating at some point. In fact, that is the reason; many people end up quitting. Listening to songs when exercising has been proven to be one of the best ways to find motivation when exercising. It helps you forget your daily pressures making it easy for you to focus on your workouts. While this list might not have given you everything you need, adding these songs to your workout playlist will without a doubt make our exercises seem easier.


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